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"Jessica, before the beginning of the detox & yoga retreat, I asked you what were your expectations from this retreat experience. You mentioned among other things that you wanted to be pampered. Do you feel that need was met?"

“Yes of course I felt pampered! I couldn't have asked for more pampering through food, yoga and Reiki, and the bonus pampering was to actually be listened to - priceless!

Last but not least, the ripples of your cooking art (through your recipe book) have reached my daughter in the manifestation of a raw chocolate mousse... now she is convinced that healthy stuff can be oh so yummy! Isn't that cute...”                                                       


Jessica Bertram, Peru

"What an amazing week at Tambo Ilusion where I have learned so much about myself, about my body and about life. Detoxing for 8 days is much more than just removing gallbladder stones from your body. I feel reborn and ready to live my life in a new healthier way. It is amazing how taking a simple pause can make you so much stronger. 


Tambo Ilusion is a great little secret hideaway in the Amazon. The cabins are adorable, the beds are five stars and the hammock is great for napping or daydreaming. The land is just what you imagine the Amazon to be, minus the scary insects and animals. The natural pond is breathtaking and perfect for an afternoon dip. Johanne just told me that she is getting certified as a SUP yoga instructor. I can't wait to return to Tambo Ilusion to try it. 


Johanne was much more than a host. I found in her a new friend as well as a new yoga/wellness/nutrition coach. Her style is one of peace and serenity with no judgment making it easy to open up. Since Johanne also offers virtual consultancy services, I am keeping her in my life to ensure that I always stay healthy. 


Armando was also very nice. He guided me for an afternoon walk along his property, showing me medicinal plants and trees that he has planted for his kids and grand-kids to enjoy in 30+ years. His love for his land is truly inspiring. 


All in all, my retreat changed my life and I am sure it will also change yours. And this is coming from a successful travel blogger ( who has been to over 70 countries in the span on 170 months, staying at hundreds of luxury hotels along the way. I am a nomad, and I am sure to return to Tambo Ilusion next time I need to take a pause from the rest of the world. "

I hope this review will help Johanne stand out as one of the best in her field."

Roxanne Genier, Canada


I am happy that you are so excited about focusing on the nutritional aspect of your work. The Reiki initiation aspect of the retreat was great but it was "living the healthy diet" for a week that really got me over the hump.  

I was sort of hoping my retreat experience would help to kick start me into a new healthy routine....well, returning home, after getting through the first few days of adjustment (both no coffee and transitioning to a vegan diet), I have been able to keep it up thanks to your recommendations such as delicious recipes like the grated apple breakfast bowl and more! I think the key to getting through those first few days was being in a retreat setting having healthy and delicious meals prepared by you so I could experience firsthand that it could be tasty and satisfying and see how I could do it on my own. 

I kept the whole food plant-based diet (plus keeping active) for 7 months following the retreat and lost 35 lbs.  I got off track when I stayed with my parents for a couple months but am getting back into it.

I wanted to say thanks again and let you know that my time with you has really had a positive impact on me."  

Emily Waytoti, USA

"I wanted to share some positive news with you. I went for an annual check up and all my blood work, x-rays etc. came back excellent. I attribute that in a big part to my three week retreat with you at Tambo Ilusión. I'm not just saying this but it was life changing.....inside and out!   Thanks again.....hope to return some time."

Tim Henderson, USA

"I couldn't have enjoyed my time at Tambo Ilusión any more than I have. Thank you for the great escape and experience. I am in love with the space you have created here; thank you for sharing it. The beautiful scenery, atmosphere, and yoga classes have helped me find and stay in touch with my inner light. I can't wait to make some of the amazing dishes that I learned during this culinary retreat at home. Thank you for the perfect end to my month long stay in this beautiful country. I hope to send business your way!" 

            Rebecca Tillem, USA

"Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful magic place. I have spent 5 nights and 6 days melting with soothing sounds of nature, connecting with my inner light and enjoying your super healthy and tasty foods during my preparation for my upcoming dieta with master plants. I'm grateful for all the tools that you teached me and I feel very inspired from you to continue to learn and practice meditation and yoga."

Kristina Englund , Sweeden

"I was at this beautiful sanctuary in February 2017 and did an 8-day detox with Johanne. Everything went smoothly and Johanne has always been available and very thoughtful about each step of the program. The food was very delicious, yet simple and made with lots of love and care. Johanne has tons of knowledge on nutrition and health which she enjoys sharing during meal times.


The place has a very homely feel and the land is very beautiful with no disturbance or pollution. Though possibly the best thing is the lagoon. It is great fun to jump into and to swim on a hot day. 

As a result of the detox, I have been feeling an improvement in my metabolism and while I had done liver gallbladder cleanses before, this time I had actually quite a lot of stones coming out. It was a relatively easy and certainly freeing process. Since Johanne provides extensive material on the detox, it will be easy to redo the procedure every now and then by myself. Overall, I am very grateful for the experience and want to thank Armando and Johanne for a very beautiful and unforgettable time."

Anja plagemann, Germany

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