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5 Day Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking
& Yoga Retreat

  • 4 nights of cozy accommodation in a private cabin with a private bathroom and screened porch where two hammocks await you

  • 4 gentle yoga classes in a beautiful space

  • Yoga props and accessories

  • 4 daily four-hour hands-on culinary workshops 

  • Johanne's cookbook which contains more than 150 recipes (PDF)

  • Nutrition coaching

  • A visit to a local market

  • 3 delicious & nutritious meals a day

  • Free time for swimming in the lagoon or to relax in your hammock

  • Transfer to and from the local airport by mototaxi (20-minute drive)

Imagine five glorious days spent in a beautiful natural reserve, eating well, spending half the day in the kitchen learning the how-tos of vegetarian, vegan, and raw food preparation including raw desserts! You’ll meet Johanne in the kitchen at around 8:30 am, prepare breakfast with Johanne, and take the time to sit down and enjoy your breakfast.

You'll then get started with preparing the midday meal and will enjoy a sit-down lunch. The second part of the day will be spent rejuvenating by practicing gentle yoga and meditation, swimming in a gorgeous freshwater lagoon, lying in your hammock, etc. The evening meals are prepared by Yermed, the assistant cook. Nights are meant to digest, rest, and observe the stars. You will surely leave Tambo Ilusion feeling rested, empowered, and inspired in many ways.

This program is designed for one or two people maximum for an intimate experience and personalized instruction.


Get a real taste of plant-based cooking with this perfectly blended five-day wellness retreat.

If you prefer the option without the yoga classes, please inquire.   

Vegetarian cuisine is both tasty and culturally diverse and this retreat aims to show you just that. You will experience time and again how wholesome food prepared with love and good intention is exquisite, eye-pleasing, and fulfilling. Johanne holds a vegetarian nutrition certificate and is a coach in mind-body nutrition & the psychology of eating. She worked as a cook in a hostel in Costa Rica for over a year and at Tambo Ilusión Wellness Retreat Center for over 3 years and made a name for herself as a great cook. Johanne is happy to share her knowledge and passions with her guests. Johanne will teach you how to prepare and eat more plant-based foods and raw foods without the dogma and the fanaticism often associated with them. Her goal isn't to convert anyone to vegetarianism but to encourage and inspire people to eat a balanced diet.


If you already follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, you might become savvier and will come away with tasty recipes, as the possibilities of vegetarian dishes are endless. There's so much you can do with fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans, lentils, and peas), whole grains, sea vegetables (seaweeds) nuts, and seeds, which are all part of a balanced vegetarian diet. Come learn to transform these ingredients into delightful dining experiences that are sure to excite your palate and engage your senses.


The content of the cooking workshops within this retreat is informative, easy to understand, and digest. You will learn to prepare and enjoy various dishes daily. You will receive hands-on experience preparing food, practical tips and tricks, as well as savor delicious and nourishing food. You will hopefully discover new foods like locro de zapallo, Johanne's vegan take on a popular Peruvian dish.

You will learn to prepare healthy breakfasts, learn about superfoods, sprouting, juicing, fermenting, dehydrating, making smoothies, nut and seed milk, raw desserts, and much more. You will get to ask questions as you prepare meals from start to finish. The workshops are fun, relaxed, and practical.

Before your arrival, you will be asked what foods you love, what foods you dislike, if you have any food allergies, and if you want to focus on lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes (no meat, no fish, and no animal tissue products), vegan recipes (only plant-derived foods), or raw vegan recipes. The recipes and menus are then further customized to honor such requests. 

Eating nutritious foods and moving our bodies are two of the most important ways in which the actions we take on a daily basis contribute to our overall health and well-being. Thus, this program would not be complete without yoga practice and a walk in the protected forest.  

Sample daily schedule:

08:30   Hands-on cooking workshop preparing breakfast

09:30   Nutritious breakfast

10:00   Cooking workshop preparing the midday meal

13:30   Nutritious lunch

14:30   Free time

16:30   Yoga class with meditation practice

18:00   Free time

19:00   Nourishing supper and conversation followed by free time to             observe the stars

One early morning, you have the option of accompanying Johanne to a local market. The market experience is one that should not be missed while traveling. You will visit a food market so you can be part of the local scene and get a feel of the local culture. You shall get to explore regional cuisine and witness the variety of produce offered. You'll see the locals, including what they eat, how they dress, how they relate to each other, etc. This little adventure will enrich your travel experience as you practice your language skills, take a few pictures, and maybe buy a few souvenirs.

Johanne has created a cookbook including the recipes that are most popular among her guests. You will receive this cookbook (in PDF format) by partaking in this fun cooking vacation.  It will be a souvenir to cherish and relish that will keep you inspired to nourish yourself and your loved ones!

Join Johanne at Tambo Ilusión for this fun and nourishing culinary adventure. 


Single traveler                      

Couple or friend travelers

1330 USD - single room

2090 USD - (1045  USD person)

sharing a room 

Discount: If you can join the retreat starting on June 3rd, 2024, the rate for one person is
1130 USD (a 200 USD discount).

This retreat is guaranteed to take place even if only one person signs up.


Ideally, retreats start on Mondays.

Let us know when you would like to participate in this retreat and we'll let you know if we have availability.

Minimum participants: 1

Max group size: 2

Skill level: all levels

Check-in:   3:00 pm

Check out: 5:00 pm

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