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Yoga Instructor

"Yoga never ceases to amaze me!  I am always astounded at how an hour and a half practice can transform us completely physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is wonderful to witness this within myself and in others. I enjoy leading classes that help improve participants’ body awareness, posture, breathing, the state of their mind, and overall well-being. My classes are heart-centered and challenging as well. I especially enjoy leading people to a state of blissful relaxation in Savasana, the final relaxation pose of our practice. It is so good and so important to surrender to relaxation! As when we are relaxed, the mind quiets, and as the mind relaxes, we have access to the part of us that inspires. Plus, when we are completely relaxed, the body can heal itself."

Johanne is a Hatha yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 200-hour level (Experienced - Registered Yoga Teacher). She has been practicing for over 20 years and has over 800 hours of yoga training including training in SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) yoga. She completed her first Hatha yoga teacher training in 2004. Getting injured while practicing yoga during the training, she realized how important the details of proper alignment were for a safe practice. This is what she wanted to transmit to others. Thus, she went on to train in the schools of Iyengar (in India and France) and Anusara yoga (in Thailand, Indonesia, and Canada), two alignment-based schools of Hatha yoga. Johanne has over 2400 hours of teaching experience. Her teaching approach is heart-centered and alignment based. Johanne has taught yoga in Asia, Europe, North America, Central America and now offers retreats at Tambo Ilusion in the Peruvian rainforest.

In 2010, Johanne started and ran an intimate yoga studio in Bromont, Canada called Studio Maya Yoga. She shared her passion for yoga in that space for about two years before moving to the Peruvian Amazon and creating Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center with Armando, her life partner.


It is with the intention to create a special place to gather, practice, share, and learn yoga as well as learn about caring for our health and the health of Mother Earth, that Johanne started her yoga retreat project at Tambo Ilusión. Tambo Ilusión is now a beautiful rustic and quaint wellness retreat center as well as a nature reserve.

Johanne enjoys sharing her passions for yoga, personal growth and wellness in a retreat setting.  

Health Coach

Mind-Body Nutrition Coach

Johanne studied at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She obtained the certification as an Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition Coach after completing a 250-hour distance learning professional program that provides a strong skill set and the confidence to work with the most common and compelling eating concerns of our times.

Johanne also obtained a nutrition certification from the Vegetarian Health Institute.

Reiki Teacher

"I enjoy sharing another of my passions which is the healing art of Reiki; channeling Reiki and initiating others to Reiki which is a Japanese holistic technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is so important to learn to reduce our stress level for our physical and mental health. I am all about promoting stress reduction."

While in Rishikesh, India in 2009, Johanne received her Reiki Master/Teacher degree in Dr. Usui's lineage from Reiki Master "Shanti Jee" Rubens. The term "master" does not mean that one has suddenly become enlightened - it means that one has the ability to teach and initiate others so that they can use the Reiki energy in their own journey of self-discovery and healing.

For the past ten years, Johanne has had the pleasure of offering many of her guests Reiki sessions. For many, it has been their first experience with Reiki and all have felt the benefits.  

Johanne has enjoyed hosting Reiki Initiation Level 1 retreats for over eight years now. Reiki is empowering. Once initiated, there is always something we can do for ourselves (it is a wonderful form of self-care), the people around us, the animals we care for, and situations.​ It is empowering.

In 2020, Johanne received certification for Animal Energy Healing & Reiki.

Reiki Master / Teacher

Vegetarian/Vegan cook & Instructor

Vegetarian cook

"I love to cook and eat delicious healthy food, especially when in good company. Healthy cooking and nutrition are also at the top of my list of passions, as food can be a powerful and delicious medicine. Preparing a healthy, nourishing meal and sharing it is a great way to bond with people and show you care! One of the best ways to love ourselves is through food."  

"As a teenager one of my dreams was to study culinary arts but I was dissuaded to do so by mentors. Yet, I cook for my guests and teach healthy nutrition via plant-based cooking classes! "

In 1998, Johanne started working in the kitchen and soon became the main cook at a beautiful hostel in Costa Rica called Montaña Linda and made a name for herself as an outstanding cook.

Johanne started cooking for her guests at Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center in 2011 and everyone raves about the meals she prepares, even guests who were skeptical about vegetarian food before trying it. Johanne inspires many to include more plant-based meals in their diet.  She is passionate about health and sees nutrition as a key to a healthy life and healing.

Johanne invites you to join her in her kitchen for 5 days of exploration, cooking delicious vegetarian, vegan, and raw recipes, all rated as exquisite by previous guests. She has created a recipe book of over 400 pages which participants of this retreat get as part of the package.

Johanne offers a culinary retreat in order to share her most popular recipes and teach you how to prepare them as you learn her cooking tips and tricks of the trade as well as nutrition facts to get the most nourishment from food. 

Retreat Leader & Host

Retreat Leader/Host

"My first experience as a host was working in a hostel in Costa Rica in the late 90s. I loved what I did! After that enriching experience, I set off traveling the world on a mission to find the perfect location and the right partner to create my own wellness retreat center. It took over 10 years and it was worth it! The journey was very enriching. Armando and I have co-created a wonderful wellness retreat center that inspires and supports personal healing, personal growth, and transformation". Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center has received many TripAdvisor Excellence Awards!  It's an amazing place well worth discovering!

Johanne led her first yoga retreat at Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center in May 2013.  It was the start of a new journey.  Johanne has led over 150 wellness retreats since then:  Yoga retreats, detox & yoga retreats, Reiki level 1 initiation retreats, SUP yoga retreats, and vegetarian/vegan cooking retreats. The outstanding reviews her retreats receive attest to the quality and authenticity of the experience Johanne offers.

Johanne loves to connect with people in a meaningful way, share her passion for wellness, and lead others to live a healthier life. These wellness retreats offer the perfect setting to do so. Join Johanne for a journey of self-discovery as you relax, explore and expand (personally and spiritually) using healing arts such as yoga, meditation, and Reiki, and their amazing possibilities blended with nutrition, nourishing conversations in a magical natural setting.

Johanne has always enjoyed enhancing people’s experience while on vacation and making people feel at home while away from home. Making a difference in people’s lives is what motivates her.

Spending a week or more with people in a retreat setting offers the opportunity to get to know every person better and to connect at a deeper level. Johanne enjoys inspiring people to take better care of themselves through movement, breathing, resting, healthy eating, being more mindful, spending time in nature, and much more. And from that place of nourishment, many are inspired to improve other aspects of their lives.

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